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Conditioning - Confidence - Endurance - Reaction - Situational Awareness - Knowledge

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Senior Martial Arts


Our adult program is designed to help you achieve self-confidence through physical conditioning and mastering the art of self-defence.

Our combination of kickboxing and karate gives you a guaranteed stress relieving workout that reduces body fat, increases muscle mass and teaches realistic self defence skills. 

Our training gives you the “S” factor! 

Suppleness flexible muscles are fast muscles, flexibility also reduces the chance of injury and keeps you feeling young and agile. 
Speed speed will increase your striking power and improve your reaction time.
Strength – our workout is designed to reduce body fat, build muscle and increase your overall strength. 
Stamina cardiovascular conditioning strengthens your heart and lungs, and increases your daily energy level while burning calories.
Skill – our workout incorporates the most effective hand, knee, elbow and foot techniques as well as developing realistic and effective self defence skill. 

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Trial a whole month of our morning classes completely free of charge!

Testimonials for the Senior Program

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