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Classes available six days a week!

Confidence - Bully Busting - Self Defence - Respect - Integrity - Perseverance - Focus

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Junior Martial Arts

Give your child a healthy mind and body! 
From iPads and the internet, to soft drinks and fast food – there are so many challenges our kids face today! Is it any wonder that childhood obesity has more than doubled in the past 20 years?

Our Junior program will help your child develop a healthy mind and body so that they have the energy, knowledge and fitness to concur these challenges! 

  • Non-agressive, effective self defence skills.
  • Conflict resolution skills – when they should and shouldn’t use their newfound martial arts knowledge. 
  • Self-discipline through regular participation and achievement. 

Our students learn to become more assertive and less aggressive. 
Confident kids don’t get bullied!
Children who know how to defend themselves typically don’t have to because they carry themselves in a more confident manner. 

Toodokan classes are fun, safe and stimulating, run by professional and experienced instructors. Students are not compared to each other, but rather they progress at their own pace.

Contact us today and our dedicated instructors will start your child on their road to success.

Classes available six days a week!

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Kids Karate Parties!

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Anti-Bullying Workshop

We will give your child support, advice and confidence to face the challenges of bullying.
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