Toodokan Self Defence Academy

It's time to put a


to Bullying!

5 Week anti-Bullying Workshop

Give your child the gift of confidence!

Is your child a victim of bullying? They aren’t alone. 

Studies show that 1 in 4 children admit to being bullied at least once every few weeks. Despite awareness of this issue being at an all-time high, unfortunately bullying isn’t going away any time soon. 

In our five week workshop we will work with you and your child to prepare to face bullying head on. Not only that, but you and your child will find a support system and a safe place to explore the challenges you are facing. Most importantly, your child will see that they are not alone. 

Throughout the course we will cover a large array of topics related to bullying: 
– How parents can support a child struggling with bullying. 
– Coping with how bullying affects you mentally. 
– Diffusing verbal confrontations. 
– Defending yourself against physical abuse. 
– Confidence building exercises.
– What to do when kids gang up. 
– When you see bullying taking place.

As well as many other issues and topics. If you are interested in taking part in our next 5 week course, please contact us today! Spaces in each course are limited  to ensure that we can give all who attend the best possible help we can. 

Contact us for information on our next workshop!

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