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Meet our Team

John Tooby

Founder & Grandmaster

Rachel Lamden

General Manager

Lincoln Harris

Head Instructor

Brian Ebersole

Muay Thai Coach

Stephanie Talty


Brad Holland


Nathan Mallia


Sundar Pun


Janene Llewellyn


Linda D'Ambrosio


Carolyn Zarb


Our story

Toodokan Self Defence Academy was founded by Grandmaster John Tooby in 1993.

Starting out in a small training hall with only three classes a week, Toodokan has transformed into a full-time martial arts dojo and gym. We boast a family-oriented environment, facilitating classes 6 days a week for people of all ages, skill and fitness levels.

Toodokan is a system of martial arts that utilises the principles of circular defensive techniques and linear offensive techniques in its approach to combat. 

It consists of practical self defence techniques coupled with a unique philosophy of life that encourages continual self-improvement. 

While Toodokan teaches fighting without weapons, we advocated a peaceful existence and violence as a last resort. 

Toodokan Self Defence Academy Dojo

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